Rollshutters provide both a physical and visual deterrent against intruders. Rollshutters deter intruders before the break-in has occurred thereby reducing costs due to broken glass, stolen belongings and inventory, business interruption and staggering insurance premiums.

They are a vital part of any truly effective security system and are ideal for homes, cottages and commercial properties.

Rollshutters can be installed for different applications:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Schools & Institutions

Rollshutters are easily operated and effective in providing

  • Security – creates a visible physical barrier for intruders & vandals
  • Comfort – effective reduction of solar heat gain in summer & heat loss in winter
  • Noise & Light Control – reduce outside noise and control natural daylight
  • Extreme weather protection – keeps windows clean & dry, even in heavy downpours
Rollshutters come in a variety of colours and a choice of operators and controls to suit your individual needs.

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