Glass Protection gates and grills are strong, decorative and cost effective. Security gates and grills are a bold deterrent that serves
to block and visually deter unwelcome intruders.

Our products are used in a variety of applications:
Manufacturing Plants, Warehousing Plants, Retail Units,
Convenience Stores, Trade Shows, Shopping Malls,
Sporting Events and Airports.

‘Security Bars never
looked so beautiful!’

Security Bars for Windows & Doors

Adding layers of protection to work together will reinforce your perimeter against the threats of intrusions.  Security bars for windows and doors offer an additional solution against crime.

We can address your individual needs with a wide array of metal products with built-in security features.  We distribute and install a variety of fixed and retractable security bars and gates.

The threat of intrusion is real for the commercial and residential consumers alike.  In addition to fixed and removable bars, we offer ornamental bars and wrought iron storm doors for the residential market.

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