Reinforcing Door Accessories - Residential

Our security laminate will add resistance to break-in attempts through your glass, but how will you stop a thief from kicking down your door?  We offer you a solution!


Prevent this from happening to your door…
with The Door Safe System™

Unique door, frame and lock protection system increases door security by reinforcing:

  • The door with the channel
  • The door frame with the enlarged strike plate.
  • The lock with the channel and strike plate
  • Clean lines, unobtrusive and visually appealing with no mechanical parts

Available in the following finishes:
Brass: Brass Plated Steel,
Stainless: Stainless Steel
White: Paint Grade finish

Reinforcing Door Accessories - Commercial

The Ultra-Dog is an after-hours door security device addressing important considerations for after-hours perimeter security in the modern business world.  In addition to increasing glass security to your perimeter, we address key entry points which may be targeted by thieves.  We suggest you make it harder to get forced entry from back or side doors.

The Ultra-Dog adds up to 10,000 pounds of physical deterrence to your existing door and hardware in the after hours environment.

  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Non-electronic
  • Mechanical

The Ultra-dog shows the intent of immediate egress with minimum effort and no prior knowledge.  It can eliminate the elephant chains and padlocks from the system and solves some power outage issues when used in conjunction with magnetic locking devices

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